Cyprus Detectives provides VIP Protection services aimed at safeguarding clients of high profile and public figures. Our professional and highly skilled team of SIA licensed detectives employ state-of-art security technology to ensure our clients safety at all times. Our VIP protection services entail a thorough risk assessment process to assess the client’s security needs and developing a personalized security plan. We provide 24/7 surveillance and monitoring of our client’s activities, as well as their travel arrangements. We also offer secure transportation services for our clients. Our team of private investigators are equipped with adequate training and experience to handle various security threats that may arise. Our services also include discreet background investigations to uncover any potential threats that may affect our clients safety.

In cases of extortion or blackmail, we also proactively engage with law enforcement agencies to protect those we serve. We understand that client confidentiality is key to our protection services, and strictly adhere to non-disclosure agreements. Our team of experts is always discrete, highly sensitive, and professional in handling personal information. We provide a trustworthy and reliable VIP Protection service that caters to the client’s unique specifications to ensure an optimal security experience. Our company pledges to offer the highest standards of security and expertise, not just within Cyprus but across the globe. With our vast network of resources and highly specialized skillset, we can provide VIP protection services that meet the needs of all our clients, whether they are high profile or public figures. We assure our clients of complete transparency and accessibility to all information about our VIP protection service.

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