Cyprus Detectives provides a comprehensive Security Patrol service that is designed to provide round-the-clock protection for any property or premises. Our experienced security professionals are well-trained to handle a wide range of security-related issues, from monitoring and surveillance to emergency response. To begin with, our service is fully customized to meet the needs of each individual customer. Firstly, we begin by conducting a thorough security analysis of the property or premises to identify any potential risks or vulnerabilities. Secondly, we outline appropriate security measures to be put in place by developing a detailed security plan. Above all, a key advantage of our Patrol service is the presence of our highly trained and skilled security personnel on-site. They use their expertise to monitor the premises and prevent any potential security breaches.

Our security staff is well-equipped to handle various security incidents and is trained in conflict resolution techniques to deescalate potentially volatile situations. Also, we utilize the latest in security technology, including advanced surveillance cameras, motion sensors, and access control systems. This enables us to maintain constant vigilance over the premises and quickly respond to any potential threats. Ultimately, we understand that effective communication is essential for ensuring the safety of our clients.¬†That’s why we employ a clear and concise reporting system that provides our clients with regular updates on the status of their property’s security. We also maintain a detailed log of all incidents, ensuring that our clients have access to all necessary information.

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