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    Frequently ask question

    Is my personal information kept confidential and secure?

    We never share personal or company information of our clients with any third party. Your information will only be used for an effective communication in terms of the services you ordered, information updates and any further requests authorized by you.

    How can I order services from Cyprus Detectives?

    Please visit our Assign a Case page and fill out the required details to order specialized services from Cyprus Detectives.

    I would like more information about Cyprus Detectives how can I contact you?

    You can contact us by filling out above contact form. You can also call us on +357 70001616 and + 357 96523042 or write us an email at

    What services do you offer?

    Our extensive range of services includes surveillance, assets locating, private investigation, corporate investigation, insurance claims and many more other services. Complete range of services offered by Cyprus Detectives can be found at our Services Page. Within every type of service, we additionally offer personalized services to meet particular requirements of each client.

    Who is Cyprus Detectives?

    Cyprus Detectives is a leading and international provider of investigation, security and forensic services. Whether you require information about an individual or an organization, our expert detectives will provide a complete background check and perform specialized investigations.

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