Company Profile


Cyprus Detectives is a professional private investigation and research company that offers private detective, investigation services and spy devices. With Cyprus Detectives, complete confidentiality is assured. We work on the principle of 4A’s (AAAA).

  • A – Absolute
  • A – Accurate
  • A – Advance
  • A – Assignments

We are specialized in local and foreign country investigation.

Cyprus Detectives has an extremely effective network of information collection across the globe. We are capable of collecting information for all kinds of cases. We assist both business professionals and individual clients who require answers for some really tough questions. Our experienced investigators perform the job in a better and quick manner because they have the expertise and knowledge about where to look for the information. We always ask the right questions to get the desired results. We understand the significance of information our clients require and we manage to get it swiftly. We assure full confidentiality and give complete attention to every detail. We never reveal any information about our clients and the nature of requests.


What I liked about Cyprus Detectives is that they have a straightforward investigating approach and asked direct questions. I have an extremely positive experience with the private investigation services offered by Cyprus Detectives. They actually know the appropriate way to acquire information and collect evidence for a case.

Steven DouglasCEO Tech

I am satisfied with the services provided by Cyprus Detectives. Starting with the courteous customer care over the phone, every member of their team with whom I interacted is always helpful. Within a week, I got a complete report, which is professionally prepared and well organized and exactly what I required.

Emma StephansWokring woman